This page provides a series of documents and videos related to your helmet, including the user manual, care instructions, maintenance instructions, and warranty information. These resources are designed to help you properly operate, maintain, and care for your WARQ Pro Training Helmet. By following these guidelines, you can help to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your helmet. We appreciate your investment in our helmet, if you need any further support, please contact us at support@warqhelmets.com


The WARQ Pro manual contains comprehensive instructions on how to appropriately use and maintain your WARQ Pro helmet. We strongly advise that you study the manual thoroughly before using the helmet to ensure that you are familiar with all of its features and benefits.


This document compares the energy impact levels that a WARQ helmet is likely to face during training to the EN166A and ASTM F1776 standards that it’s certified to. The chart shows that our helmet’s standards far exceeds the energy output of popular training ammunition rounds commonly used in law enforcement scenarios.


This WARQ Pro Spec Sheet provides an informative overview of our helmet, highlighting its key features, benefits, and design. It’s a resource for prospective users to gain a better understanding of the product at a glance.


One of the primary goals for any modern police force is to provide realistic, effective training that prepares officers for real-world situations. This is critically important not only for officer safety, but also for maintaining public trust. Read Article